Monday, December 9, 2019

How Can I Help in the Community Clean up Efforts?

The County is encouraging public participation in all activities and events that will reduce the amount of pollutants that are entering the counties watersheds, creeks, and lakes.

Each County resident is a vital part of the Stormwater Management Program and is encouraged to get involved with the elimination of pollutants in your own neighborhood. Perhaps you have a homeowners association that could establish a neighborhood clean up day or monitor and report areas of activities that are creating pollutants or trash on your streets and open space areas.

Two excellent sources that provide you with the opportunity to become involved with your local environment are Prescott Creeks Preservation Association and the University of Arizona Cooperative Extensions Master Watershed Steward Program. Each one these organizations play a major role in our community in protecting the watersheds, creeks, lakes and the overall environment of Yavapai County.’

Prescott Creeks Preservation Association

Prescott Creeks Preservation Association has an excellent program called Prescott Creeks Watch Network. This program, a network of citizen led volunteers, working to protect, restore, and celebrate their nearby creeks.

University of Arizona Cooperative Extension

The Master Watershed Steward Program, presented by the University of Arizona, offers residents an opportunity to become highly valued volunteers, knowledgeable about watersheds and water resources of Yavapai County. Master watershed steward volunteers will take an active role in educating County residents about regional watersheds and critical watershed issues.

Periodically this web site will announce upcoming events that the citizens of the community can get involved with.

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